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  1. Renee Marty says:

    Hello Elissa,
    Congratulations on your writing success!! I wanted to reach out to you because my health and writing journey sounds very similar to yours. I’m currently in the rejection phase of my writing career and continue to keep trudging forward. I have had some physical/muscular health issues since 2011 and recently, for the first time, heard the word MS as a possibility from doctors. When you wrote “It’s okay not to be okay”, it really hit home with me as I have been really throwing myself out there and trying to get published.
    I keep reading things on the internet about MS after a couple appts ago. Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my arms (mostly right) and legs (again, mostly right) but not a diagnosis so far. I’m not afraid at all of knowing. I just want to find out. I am also from northern Minnesota. Would it be too personal to ask what symptoms you had and how you were finally diagnosed?

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