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Here’s a fun recipe to use for your book club discussion of The Speed of Light:

The Speed of Light cocktail recipe 🥂

Check out the gorgeous photo and recipe created by the fantastic Lindsay Merbaum (visit her website, follow her on Instagram and buy her debut), inspired by the snowy imagery and wintry theme of my book. ❄️

✨The Speed of Light✨


Dry champagne

4 tsp cranberry liqueur

Strongwater walnut bitters

White sugar

Lemon slice


Pour sugar into a shallow dish. Then fit a lemon wedge to the lip of a champagne flute and slide it all the way around the rim. Dip the glass in the sugar and turn it by the stem until the rim is well coated. Next, pour the liqueur into the glass. Top with champagne and add a few drops of the walnut bitters.