An Allergy Mama’s Prayer

IMG_201Where did the summer go? My baby is starting kindergarten this week! He has severe food allergies, asthma, and eczema, so a new environment can be scary. I wrote this prayer to help ease my fears. If your kiddo is starting a new journey as well, maybe this prayer will help ease your fears, too.

May you always be safe.

May the other kids be kind to you as you walk onto this schoolyard for the first time—and you to them.

May the adults be vigilant, making sure your EpiPen is with you at all times. May everyone understand—or if they don’t understand, may they ask questions, listen, seek out information.

May you be able to answer those questions. To speak up for yourself when needed. To say no to a food that could harm you. May Daddy and I have taught you—empowered you—enough to be your own advocate, to recognize potential dangers in your surroundings.

May I always be there, ready, if you need help—to explain your needs, provide special snacks, talk through potential problems.

But may I let go. Not completely, not yet. But enough. Enough to let you soar, explore, learn, and thrive on this new adventure. Because you deserve to, just as every child does. You deserve to be treated like everyone else—may you always know that.

But may you also know that you are our special child, no matter how big you get. We blinked and you have suddenly reached this milestone. Our baby is in kindergarten. We will blink again and you will be grown.

As your journey continues and new challenges and adventures arise, may you be prepared to face them—may we prepare you to face them.

May you always, always be safe.

And above all, may you know that you are loved beyond measure. Always.

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