Aesthetically Speaking

Novel aesthetics are all over social media, and I am here for it! I LOVE seeing another author’s vision for their book, and I’m constantly amazed with the beauty and creativity that go into these works of art.

Seriously, check out and on Twitter and Instagram…all I can say is bravo!

I have seen some disagreements over it — namely, some people say creating them takes away from time that writers could be, you know, writing. While that’s technically true, I respectfully disagree for the following reasons:

  1. Creating them helps spur my creativity, excitement, and passion for the story — it often fires me up to write.
  2. It brings authors together — I’m pretty shy on social media in general, but liking or complimenting an aesthetic is a good way to connect.
  3. Frankly, I enjoy it. And as writers we are so often filled with anxiety and self-doubt on our publishing journeys, so IMO we should absolutely take the chance to do anything that brings us joy.

In that spirit, I present to you the aesthetics I’ve created for each of my four manuscripts. Admittedly I’m not the best at making them, but I’m still happy with how they turned out!

First up is my book on submission, THE SPEED OF LIGHT:

SOL collage 2018


WSD collage 2018

Bonus: Here is my Pitch Wars 2016 novel, THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND:

TWLB collage 2018

And my other completed novel, WITHOUT JUNE:


WITHOUT JUNE new aethestic

There you have it! If you have your own novel aesthetics, I’d love to see them! (And be sure to share them with the above hashtags on social media so other authors can enjoy them, too!)

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