MS Awareness Month Post: To Tell or Not to Tell?

For MS Awareness month, I wrote a post for the National MS Society’s MS Connection Blog about a touchy subject: When do you tell someone about your illness?

I have told people – and unexpectedly burst into tears.

I have told people – and made things super awkward.

I even had my little guy blurt it out to a friend visiting last year.

In all situations, it is up to you – find more advice in the column, found here.

Other recent MS Society posts:

I’m a bit behind in linking to my posts! (It’s been quite a year, as everyone knows.)

For the holiday season, I wrote It’s OK Things Aren’t OK.

Last fall, I reminded myself of the importance of everyday milestones with The Little Things.

I’ve got more posts scheduled for this year…as always, thanks for reading!

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