New York by the Numbers

LadyLiberty Four days in New York – it sounds like a movie title. The latest rom-com, perhaps. But it’s actually how I spent last weekend. Yes, a lifelong dream was fulfilled, as I traveled to the Big Apple for the first time. It was an amazing trip, but a whirlwind — we packed as much sightseeing in as we possibly could. Here’s a random, numerical glimpse at our trip:

25: The number of miles we walked. Almost a marathon, really. Let’s just say that vacation weight was not an issue for me for probably the first time in my life.

20: The number of times I used the word “amazing.” Even a writer like me struggled for words to describe the experiences: looking out our hotel window and seeing the Empire State Building; sailing toward the Statue of Liberty; strolling through Central Park on a gloriously sunny day.Skyline

15: The number of selfies I attempted to take (with Lady Liberty, at Times Square, on the subway).  Yes, most were unsuccessful, and yes, at age 35, I should be embarrassed. But hey, I was having a great time, and I am not ashamed of being a tourist enjoying myself! (Plus the one of the NYC skyline turned out ok.)

10: The number of references I made to the movie Ghostbusters. Apparently most of my knowledge of the city comes from that classic movie from my childhood. (I loved seeing the lions at the New York Public Library!)LibraryLions

7: The number of days it is taking me to recover from this trip. (Refer back to the part about me being 35 and walking all over the city.) I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m not quite the spry young world traveler I used to be!

5: The number of kind New Yorkers who helped us when we struggled with directions or navigating the subway. Seriously, our group of “Minnesota Nice” ladies decided perhaps the phrase should change to “New York Nice.”

1: The number of chances we get to live the life we want to live. Cheesy, yes, but I’m so thankful I got to cross this experience off my list. When you get the chance to cross something off yours, be sure to take it.

Last year, Denver…this year, New York…what new city will I visit next year? I can’t wait to find out!

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